🔻 Graphotype 
Category: advertising
Date: 1959
Client: Volkswagen, Germany

Volkswagen’s ‘Think Small’ campaign, marked a new departure in advertising, relying on simplicity, honesty and wit, and subverting audience expectations, rather than selling products through passive imagery and glamour.
Equally innovative was the campaigns boldness in attacking one of the ideas of American consumption; in a culture where big always meant better, these were advertisement that made a virtue out of being small and understated.
Although revolutionary in their simplicity,advertisement such as ‘Think Small’ and ‘Lemon’ were also the result of. Twisted convention.

The template of two-thirds picture, one-third copy had evolved over time, passing through the hands of many designers and art directors.

Employing mostly empty space with a very small image, what came to be considered a ‘humble little car’ took on a mythical status.