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Category: Poster 
Date: 1976-1979
Client: S. Fischer-Verlag, Germany
Designer: Gunter Rambow 

The S. Fischer-Verlag poster series represents one of Gunter Rambow’s most innovative applications of photography, particularly his use of surrealistic montage. These posters were created in 1976 and 1979 for the Frankfurt publishing house. 

In each poster, Rambow seamlessly combines different photographs to create a single image, in which books and other objects are displaced from their normal surroundings and set against a background of undefined space, transforming their identity. Rambow created the photographs by taking multiple exposures, sometimes producing a series in a day, and often cutting and recombining photographs to create the final image. 

One of his most important campaigns, the S.Fischer-Verlag posters exemplify Rambow’s understandings of the expressive and symbolic potential of photomontage to create powerful imagery and meaning. Also, they embody a further irony: a series of advertisement for books that are entirely without words. -

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