🔻 Graphotype 🔻
Category: Logo design 
Date: 1948
Client: Halag, Switzerland
Designer: Hermann Eidenbenz
🔻Halag is a basel linen and hemp trading company, it illustrates the economy of modernist design. By mean of a single line, the company name is simplified and drawn out in a cursive script a condensed version of the font Lateinische Ausgangsschrift from an old fashioned reel, expressing the fluidity and continuity of the product. 
The concept typifies Eidenbenz’s solution to design problems; reductive functionality allied with craftsmanship, it also demonstrated his ability to capture the unique aspect of a commission and the beauty of blending text and image.

🔻The designer:
Hermann Eildenbenz is a graphic artist, typographer and teacher. Eildenbenz initially trained in lithography. He was one of the first Swiss designers to embrace modernist principles of geometric structure, asymmetric layout and photographic imagery.